American Roulette - Distincions and Risks

The main difference between the European and American roulette is that the first one was born in Europe and another was brought to the USA and there was developed and acquired its main distinction from the European type. It is said that American one has less winning odds due to its 00 zero field. But nevertheless it has lots of advantages about which we're going to talk.

The American Roulette Distinctions

So, the main rules of the game are the same that in the European roulette type:

  • The player is making bets with the exchanged chips on the numbers which he considers to be lucky. Also he chooses the other variations of bets which depend on color (black and red), parity (even and odd) and amount (big and small).
  • Afterwards the gamblers are waiting for the results and observing the spinning ball which can stop wherever it wants. So, Miss Luck does the main task here.
  • The main difference is that this kind of roulette has the second square where there is a double zero field. It is considered that this peculiarity makes the winnings odds less. So, the general number of figures is 38 (including 0 and 00).
  • Plus the numbers of the American roulette are placed not in so random way, but for example black and red bets have the location next to each other.

So, as you see the main task or goal of roulette game is to guess where the ball is going to stop and this is considered to be the main interest and gambling amusement that the player expects. In spite of extra 00 field, this game seems to be more practical and easier. The numbers and colors are collocated just opposite each other and the last (or the first) 18th number is located quite near the single numbers. The symmetry isn't the same that in the European roulette, but still it's convenient to play.

The roulette risk in the American variant

The house edges are not the same as in the Europe casinos, the percentages of single number equals 5.26%, and this factor is influenced by the 00 zero square. The more risk-prone people tend to play this kind of roulette, because the heat is rising when you see that this time or never you can be a winner. The feelings are great!

There is no special mechanism in this game - the ball is rotating, and the players have the same chances to win or to lose, because the main hero, the ball can come to rest on any of the figure division or color.

The inside and outside tables

The differentiation of the inside and outside tables and their characteristic is almost the same as in the European type: every table has the definite bets maximum and minimum with which the gamblers are acquainted before playing.

In the inner part of the table the player makes the bet according to the smallest number of the figure. There are the same straight and split roulette bets , due to which we can make bets on both single number and combinations of figures. The chances vary from 35 to one.

In the outside table the outcomes of the player can be doubled but still you can trigger the definite amounts of bets of three fields from 1 to 36. The even bet is considered to be high and low wagers. And you can play with them only on the lower square.

So, as you see the American roulette has its own character that in different moments plays for our benefits, but in the others - for our losing. But in spite of different thoughts about this kind of game, it is very played in the USA, but always you have a possibility to play roulette of European type all over the world.