Ball Tripping - How it Works

The gambling cheaters all over the world want to overcome the roulette mechanism in different ways. They find out new strategies which do nothing but stray the users or invent the most useful calculating systems which also delete all the joy of the very game creating the anxiety and heartbeat.

There are also gamblers who don't want to obey the unpleasant fact of the house edge and create different riddles that are difficult to discern for the casino workers but profitable for the cheaters. We know that the ball is moving in the random way and it's impossible to predict the outcome, nevertheless it's not too much for them. The invention of the ball tripping is the most extraordinary thing that one could imagine. First of all it's very risky and the cheaters have to be ready all the time when they learn how to play roulette and have to be mega aware of what they are doing, because one second decides everything.

Ball tripping mechanism

  • So, imagine that destiny ball that is spinning every time the game starts. Everything happens in it. The cheaters before the game make a little drilled hole in the upper track of the ball, under the felloe. The cheaters locate a small pin of spring-loaded form in the outside of the ball. All this fraud is done and located in front of the croupier so this doesn't suspect and detect anything. When the dealer pushes a lever, the cable makes the pin acting against the needle and in such a way it leans out on the wheel surface. As soon as the ball strikes the pin, it supplants quicker in the upper track. The experienced dealer could even calculate the exact time of the ball spinning along with the wheel position, while cheating at roulette.
  • As you see, in such cheating the main role takes the dealer which participates. But also the ball tripping cheating could be held also in another way. The group of roulette hoodwinkers come to some casino at different times and the main cheat that they have to accomplish - is to behave in such a way that the casino members don't recognize that you know each other. When the ball is launched, one of the cheaters has to do the distraction situation that the other could draw out a straw and blow at the ball that it comes to the upper track. The mechanism is simpler, and it really was profitable and fortunate method of misleading the dealer. But as the gamblers see now, there was created a special shield round the wheel not to permit doing any more of such tricks.
  • And plus these are not all the methods that you can create with the ball. So, in the roulette table the cheater locates special heavy black chip on the second column while the other swindler stands near the roulette wheel. The second column figures are situated mostly in the 26th filed of the wheel. So, the ball is approaching and the tricky swindler just creates the situation in which he as if fall or bump something at the table that the ball comes down from the upper square. In such a way, the ball manages to come at the second column numbers, which were bet.

So, which one of the ball tripping methods would you try? It is better that neither of them was used, because the security really can learn something from its mistakes.