Balls Abramowitz - Player who Cheats

Imagine yourself the gambling player who is the best of the best experts in the casino games, being 21 years old. Unbelievable but it's true. Such cheaters and gambling professionals just born and then improve maximally their abilities not to be caught and to grab money from all the casinos worldwide.

His name is Mark, the nick "Ball" was called later by Marcus and some other players who couldn't admire enough his ingenuity and cravenness for contributing more, doing nothing. He was smoking more than eating; his Jewish roots gave him braveness, fairness and insatiability that brought to the gambling history one of the best roulette cheaters, that didn't spend all his rest years in the prison, but calmly was retired after the Marcus Past Posting team finish. And it was Abramowitz who introduced the other cheating legend Pat Mallery to the Marcus team, where together they found out a lot of profitable and successful tricks and cheating moves that weren't recognized until Marcus retold them in his memoirs.

No limit to what he could do

  • So, when at last the Past Posting team was gathered with the leader Richard Marcus after the retirement of Classon group, the casinos invasion began. Of course, with such crazy Balls and risk-prone Mallery, there were hundreds of successful cheating at roulette operations from 1989th. At first they were playing, poker, black jack, everything where they could apply the past posting methods.
  • Balls was trained to be the cheating claimer, where he had to take very fast the losing chips and exchange them to the ones with higher denominations. But it wasn't his definitive position. He was developed into the blackjack mechanic, and then both mechanic and claimer he was denominated. His craftiness was enough to accomplish two tasks at the same moment - to past post and to claim.
  • In spite the fact that Mallery didn't want to join the pastposting team, he did it because of the crash of his business. So, with such members of the swindling team it was easy to do the past posting movements, with one flick to exchange the $5 chips into the $500 and to behave themselves as the normal players who just have luck that day.
  • Balls was later called the "time asker" which introduced the new cheating role into the swindling methods, and it really was successful attempt to verify the ordinary pastposting performance. It was really difficult to hold, and even Marcus was sure that they wouldn't able to do this, but as always the quick wit and deftness of Abramowitz just couldn't do some gap in the team work, everything was done perfectly by plan. Just pronouncing one phrase "Excuse me, sir, do you have a time?" brought them treasure winnings.
  • Then there was the invention of the roulette new past posting movement which was called "Savannah". It was really tricky and lucrative gesture that also was one of the most important hoodwink in the history of roulette. 3 members of the group entered the history exactly when they did the pastposting to the highest denomination of $5000 at Caesars Palace. And if they hadn't this wild intrepidity, nothing would happen.

But as always nothing is everlasting: there was a retirement during which they just rested from all the done cheating and stayed not prisoned, happy with their family and such a great and funny experience.