European Roulette - Features and Details

Till now, the gambling experts and just simple players who want to know more about the origin of the roulette are hesitating, because the exact place of its origin is Europe, of course, but where? We'll try to figure out it a little bit later, now we're going to concentrate ourselves on the distinctive characteristic of the European roulette, which is considered by lots of people to be more convenient to which it is better to get used to.

The First Steps in European Roulette

So, as we remember and not remember but have heard somewhere, that American roulette is based on the European one, so instead of its numerous differences, the roulette of Europe is superior in many ways. But how does it work? You are a novice in the roulette gambling and really don't know what to start with? We'll try to help you in this! Look:

  1. This kind of gambling consists of the wheel and roulette table where the gamblers make bets.
  2. The wheel includes 37 black and red numbers from 1 till 36 plus one zero number which differs from the American roulette type where you will find the double zero field except for one zero pocket. Besides in both plays it has the green color.
  3. The numbers are placed randomly and this is also another factor in which the American play doesn't resemble to this one. The colors of the numbers can be black and red.
  4. So, the table consists also from the outside and inside fields of betting, where the player triggers the chips.

Inside bets in roulette: the player has to make at least minimum amount of bets on this table. The zero filed also is situated here. The player has the possibility to make the straight bet of one number, and thus he will have the payout from 35 to 1. And also the roulette gambler can make a split wager on two numbers (the outcome will be from 17 to 1).

Outside bets in roulette: here you will find the three fields of the following combinations: 1-12, 13-24, 25-36. There is no zero square and the payback percentage is approximately is from 8 to 1. There are also the terms of High and Low bets from 1-18 and 19-35. Your bets payoffs can be from 1 to 1. The colors (red and black) have the same payouts (1-1).

So, what the player has to do?

  • Buy chips from the dealer;
  • Make your bets on whatever combination of numbers or just one number you would like.
  • Also you choose the color of it: red\black, odd\even, big\small

The gamblers can do several roulette bets, and then just wait for the outcome of the game. Plus on different tables the maximum number of bets is definite, as well as the minimum. In European game, the gambler has better chances to win due to the one zero field. The edge of casino in this kind of roulette is less, 2.70% that also shows the benefits of the European roulette. Just try it!