Laser Scam - Ritz Casino Fraud

Cheating at roulette is the obtrusive idea of every ingrained gambler who somehow dreams about short cuts of the obtaining the biggest jackpot ever! But just imagine how many of such unfortunate thoughts there are in each casino! Everybody wants to be that one, but beside one wish, there has to be also a strong wit and general awareness of all the roulette secrets and plus the most important - the gambling experience.

The roulette obsessing leads to the millions of possible roulette strategies and outwitting systems, but be sure that maybe one of the thousands can be useful and it's not the fact, because to apply it is the another issue that has to be discerned. The roulette is a lucky game, the numbers spin in a random way, here maybe only the theory of probability can somehow help you.

But anyway, the world isn't without gambling genius and just lucky persons who have managed to rob the casinos while playing the roulette game and to exceed the house edge. And in this case they were helped by the laser scanners who did the most essential; they just waited the convenient moment.

Outwitting everybody

Imagine just the situation in which group of roulette scam cheaters has outwitted the police telling them that they won money in a legal way and just proved it! And the open-mouthed police just let them go! Oh, funny and sinful fraud that they managed to organize entered the history of roulette!

In 2004 there were two Serbian men and one Hungarian woman - and this cheating at roulette band cheated at the Ritz Casino in £100,000 and they even came back next day to grab the casino completely, sweeping the millions!

So, the curiosity is rising, and it is necessary to describe this scam work: the scanner was linked with the computer which was predicting the numbers which were chosen by the random spinning of the ball. How comes? It's difficult indeed, but they managed to do it in a perfect way! The laser was measuring the ball speed and therefore the possible outcome, thus the odds were incredible! They were calculating in a very fast way the predicted outcome number and mostly before the ball does its 3d round. In such a way they became millionaires!

Their outcome was enormous and great, the Ritz Casino's - not really. Their funds were frozen after this historical cheating episode and the rest of the money went to the solving of this investigation. In general £300,000 were spent.

So, now due to this accident all the casinos are not so naive, the police is aware of all the legal and illegal gambling factors in order to catch the swindlers at once! So, don't even dream about such scanning or even the simplest motion signs! But still all the gamblers all over the world have caused their revenge due to this cheating gang band!

Read the amazing ocassion in the Ritz Casino where due to the laser scam the roulette team could swindle the house two times and outwit the police!