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Who is the best of roulette cheaters?

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Roulette origin

Roulette is an ancient game with very interesting history of its creation and development.

Roulette Mix-Up - Adding Chips for Winning

Cheating at roulette is always like a special and the most sophisticated art, where not only the sharpness and general smartness take some part, but also the imagination of the swindlers must be on the peak of its outwitting ideas.

The mix-up roulette swindling is considered to be the psychological and inventive weapon that the cheaters can use when they play roulette. This fraud also like in the roulette slide cheating consists of 4 swindlers and it begins in the following way:

How the Cheating Begins

  • The luxurious woman comes and choses some roulette table. She buys the minimum cost chips, 1$, but in the amount of 20 ones. And the rest of the band also takes the same amount of chips and in the same cost. But it is located in front of woman in the following position: 2-2-1.
  • The "claimer" (one of the band) slides very quickly the black 100$ chip closer to her in such a way that it would be hidden totally from the dealer.
  • Then the woman who sees at the bottom of the chips the stack of fake ones organizes them according to the formula - one then atop then again one.
  • And it means that the chip of the bottom is the brown one, then one chip of 100$ that is located above and again - brown\black of 100$. This is its mix-up cheating method of the mixed stack of chips that must remain invisible for the dealer. But till the most appropriate moment.
  • Then the claimer does everything in such a way that not to disturb the mixed stack. The band starts wagering and buys the needed chip into the mixed stack.
  • As in the roulette slide method everything depends on the sharpness of the gamblers. As soon as the dealer moves his eyes from the layout, one of the cheater in the speediest and the most imperceptible moment must replace the dolly before the croupier says the winning number.
  • Except the mere replacement the cheater has to exchange the chips into another mixed, which he had in his hands.
  • The dolly stands now at the stack of changed chips which are done for the winning benefit of the gamblers.
  • Then the psychology begins in which the woman is the main protagonist that starts to scream and to make general panic, while she is in a false way misses two chips of black color.
  • She makes the whole movie improvisation that she had missed them, and thus begins to look for them under the table etc.
  • While everything is going on, the dealer notices the mixed stack of chips, but in this very moment the lady assures the dealer that she has found them and by accident won for example 10 000$.
  • So, that bet that was done by the mistake is one of that very false stack of mixed chips, and the dealer is misled by such a consequence, and just begins to congratulate the woman!

So, all the suspicions that the dealer or the casino officers have are simply turned into lucky and happy atmosphere during which the players are enjoyed, the woman has won, but the dealer also has a little bit of "fake" thoughts about all this… Isn't it a great performance?