Sherri Skoons - Cheats without Stereotypes

Sherri Scoons is one of few women who had the historical background of gambling cheating. And she is remembered by her strong character and the wish to the highest self-development in every sphere she is involved. Being 49 years old she has reached lots of success in her life, and after the long period of cheating frauds she took the right way, and now she is fond of forensic criminology and takes care of the prevention from the other cheating. The irony of destiny.

As always, like in any kinds of some group deals, everything and everybody is related: somebody is a friend of the dealer that is the cheater, who has the friend whose girlfriend also does the same and so on. Sherri Skoons was the girlfriend of Gillete which was the temporary member of the past posting Marcusэ company. And in such a way they all were linked with the same whish of acquisition from gambling.

Overcoming the stereotype

  • She began as not significant member of that group that only took the spare place as an ordinary player. But having watched so much of cheating, she didn't want to continue as an unnecessary fish and just started doing lots of progress. She proved Richard Marcus that had more potential than to be only the stupid blonde that misled the dealer, and thus she entered the new level at past posting mechanism.
  • At first she played as a "checkbettor": in this role she had to bet planned numbers and in the fixed sequence with which she was confusing the dealer and making him do some predictable movements that were needed by mechanic who was past posting at that very moment.
  • Then Richard Marcus awarded her with the denomination "chip courier" with the responsibilities to help the past posting team in cashing out the chips sums. This was very hard and crucial points which required quick wit and sharpness of mind. This moment of cash out was even more significant that all set up things.
  • It wasn't that very aim that she wanted to gain: Sherri Skoons wanted to try herself in the real cheating, she said Marcus that was really ready to play. And she was permitted in the role of "claimer". Sherri had to take cash from the table - not simply task to accomplish. Marcus was really hesitating about this, but then decided that woman's movements like in dance would be the most appropriate in such kind of cheating, seducing male side.
  • And hence she obtained her success - she was so skillful in this that nobody could do it better than her. During Marcus "mix-up" past posting, in the role of luring blonde, she was effectively claiming and became one of the best roulette cheaters.

So, you see how from the insignificant blonde can rise a professional cheating claimer and then the honest and fair member of CSI where she is working now, controlling the computer security. She has proved to be not worse than the other cheaters of past posting company, and impressed millions of roulette players.