Top Hatting - Illegal Chips Adding

In the roulette cheating there are more expanded methods in which the gamblers do the best to distract the dealer. They try to divert his attention at least for one second in order to do the make the past posting operation. But in the case of top hatting, the dealer is usually aware about the actions of the cheaters. More exactly he is one of the swindlers in most cases.

Of course everything can be bought in our life, the honesty of the dealers too. Having observed all the tricks of the gamblers they realize that except the ordinary salary they can have more, and that's why they begin to be involved in the cheating at roulette operation.

Dealers also want to have money!

So, the roulette dealer decided to scam for his own benefit not the benefit of casino. And it's really risk-prone, because it is illegal and punished for its deserve. The situation is the following: the croupier and the cheater know each other. Having planned the actions they launch the game. The operation includes the dealer's slipping the chip and replacing it into the winning square. And this happens when the ball gets the winning figure. So, the sharpness of the croupier must be in the highest level. Because he is watched by the rest of the players, which can simply guess what is going on.

For instance, if the dealer palms the chip of $25 value, the payout can be $875, that is really great when you find out how to play roulette. This is very successful when in the casino there are no managers who can observe all these speculations, as it happened in Britain once. During one night the dealer and the cheater could hit the house. But also all this couldn't be held without the other casino's cheating help of inspectors who also participated. Imagine yourself that the swindle was leading during the whole year and no one of the casino's workers and chiefs could suspect it. Isn't it great and successfully planned? Yeah, but don't forget that really everything that relates with the cheating doesn't come without negative outcome. The casino during such fraud was losing large amount of money each days and especially weeks. But sooner or later they were caught and imprisoned.

The rate of the scam in this situation was really very difficult to detect: the cheaters were clever and wit to hold on such a great roulette cheating. But really, don't have a mist in your head and remember that earning money in a legal way is even much more pleasant than to rob the guiltless casinos.