Roulette Wheels - Biased Wheel mechanism

It can even happen that the gamblers who are fair, don't tend to cheat at all, but maybe have heard some roulette cheating peculiarities, can encounter the biased roulette wheels and to be the happiest gamblers ever, understanding the consequence of winning numbers. And imagine just the amusement of the very cheater who has crossed over such defected wheels and really caught their luck.

The biased wheel mechanism

Biased WheelThe gaming odds are enormous once you track such wheels. The point is in the fact that such wheels show the consecutive system in the time. The needed number will be hit every time after some period of time, you just have to wait a little bit. For example after the 20 or 30 spinning, you will have your bet number, and in such a way it will come up. So, the gambler has the possibility to make bets on that winning number and be sure that the amount of his bets will be covered doubly or maybe more during the long run.

This is the real superiority over the house edge, because of the imperfectness of the roulette wheels. And these defects can be various: something happened while they were manufactured, it was caused by human's interference or during its installation, and not everything went without a hitch. So, the wheel with the common characteristic converts into biased one.

Boosting gambler's odds

But what the gambler should do when he find the biased wheel? First of all he has to be aware of such characteristic, the roulette cheaters have to recognize at once that this is abnormal roulette wheel that is going to make them rich. So, the gamblers start launching "their" game as soon as they know for sure the wheel. They make bets on those numbers that resemble more the winning ones. In such a way, the house edge becomes less, their odds keep increasing.

The term of biased wheel is really famous, and the casinos know about that. And for the mere sake not to become robbed and not to be converted into the bankrupt, the gambling houses do all possible to prevent such wheels within their walls. So, now the monitoring of the wheels defects is on the highest level. Technically they understand that it's impossible to predict everything and to keep all the machines from harm, so by chance you really can come cross that very one.

Also remember the fact that wheel can be worn out and be so old, that the experienced gambler that visits the particular casino frequently can keep an eye on it and then use in his specific cheating purposes. And don't be misled, that the player would recognize at once the defected wheel, because really the gambler has to sweat much doing lots of bets to see the mechanism of spinning. Making the histogram of the spinning rounds that were made, the one can see the rate of the occurred patterns of the numbers. Thus the gambler has his edge!

Yeah, it really would be great to encounter such a biased wheel, but be sure that to have it is one thing and to get to know how it works, you will be laying out lots of money. So, just enjoy the ordinary game itself!