The Most Famous Roulette Cheaters

It's not a secret and not a surprise that from the birth of humanity, people try to make a profit from everything especially they struggle not to trouble themselves and force very much. From the time of roulette invention, there were invented different cheating tricks.

They differ from each other, because during the whole cheating at roulette development cheaters tried to keep step with it, involving the innovated hoodwink, all their ingenuity and smartness. Some of them ended up in jail, broken and humiliated. The others were made really rich, and being a little bit more quick-witted abandoned the pleasant and estimated step after their cheating career. It's up to you to decide whom of them you consider to be the most genius! Just read the following description and choose your cheating idol:


Joseph Jagger

The insignificant mechanic from Britain could apply his knowledge into the gambling systems in the 1830th. Engineering skills really helped him to hit the jackpots in the casinos of Monte Carlo. Even after this there was the song created to his honor and several TV shows which retold the daily winnings of such wit cheater. We know him now as a cheater who first used biased wheel in his gambling practice.


Charles Wells

He was deceiving from 1981, grabbing money just right from the roulette tables: 23 successfully chosen numbers from 30 spinning tours. But he wasn't using some cheating method at the casinos, he was just hoodwinking people, loaning huge amounts of money to some of his "inventions" which he never realized and just was playing them all at casinos, sometimes winning and sometimes not.



He distinguished in the history of roulette as one of the greatest roulette cheaters, who managed to be the originate inventor of past posting method which he committed in 1950s accidentally in Puerto Rico, where he was curing from the past operational period of some disease made on his throat. That's why he was called Mumbels, being able to mumble only yes and no.

Marcus big

Richard Marcus

If the above mentioned cheater is the first inventor of past posting cheating methods, this one is considered to be the successful continuator of further past posting group, gathering the smartest and sharpest cheaters that managed to hit the biggest amounts of the payouts. Being a teacher and just the best leader, now we recognize him as an author of gambling books, owner of gambling sites and just the retired rich and satisfied player.

Sherri Skoons

Sherri Skoons

She was the member of Marcus group and one of two great cheaters of feminine gender. Beginning as the insignificant member who just filled the free place among the cheating members, she finished her swindling career as the successful and skilled "claimer". Now you can find her as the member of CSI group.

Duke Wilson big

Duke Wilson

In 1969th he was accidently involved in the Classon Past Posting group, even having never thought that some time he would be named as the most professional "mechanic wheel". As it usually happens, everybody is related in the entire cheating roulette sphere. This time it was his wife Paula, the secretary of Classon who led him to the gambling life with the happy end of calm retirement.


Balls Abramowitz

This crazy and insatiable cheater just was making the wildest tricks at the casinos, and wasn't caught! Along with Richard Marcus as a leader, and later with Pat Mallery they could create the famous "savannah" swindling tricks as well as the movement which was called "time asker" due to which Balls became famous and unsurpassed.

Pierre Dugal

Pierre Dugal

The elemental skills of carpenter helped him to become the famous but not estimated cheating player. He was hiding in the casino toilet in 1800's in order to work later with the box of tools over the roulette wheels to make them biased. Then his wife (there were 4 of them, besides) were playing and grabbing money.

Monique Laurent

Monique Laurent

The sexiest roulette cheater who managed to invent the most interesting trick with the pack of cigarettes, where there was hidden a small receiver connected with the spinning ball. Everything was really perfect until the casino's owner fell in love with Monique and found out this tricky secret. But now she enjoys her life in Las Vegas casino wardrobe department.